Course Director

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A/Prof Alan de Costa FRACS
James Cook University College of Medicine and Dentistry, Cairns

The following faculty also attended the 2016 training course:

  • Prof Deepaka Weerasekera MBBS (Col), MS (Col), MRCS (LOND), FCSSL
  • Ms Roxanne Wu, FRACS
  • Mr Ajay John, FRACS,
  • Mr Tim Elston, FRACS, Director of Surgery, Cairns and Hinterland Hospital & Health Service
  • Mr Merwe Hartslief, FCS(SA), FRACS
  • Mr Casper Pretorius, FRACS
  • Dr Trent Cross, MSc MBBS,
  • Dr Monika Zimyani, PhD,
  • Mr Nathan Brunott, FRACS
  • Mr Harish Kumar, FRACS
  • Ms Angela Robson, FRACS
  • Mr Eddie Shi, FRACS
  • Mr Pieter Prinsloo, FRACS, FCS(SA)
  • Mr John Knott, FRACS
  • Mr Ben Woolven, FRACS
  • Mr Heng-Chin Chiam, FRACS
  • Mr Eddie Shi FRACS
  • M/s Meii Yeung FRACS
  • Mr Sabu Thomas FRACS
  • Mr Sherab Bhutia FRACS
  • Mr AJ Green AO, FRACS
  • Dr Andrew Hattam MBBS


The ASE course represents an original contribution to the teaching of Surgical Anatomy. Designed, planned and delivered in Far North Queensland, we have had enormous institutional support from James Cook University, Queensland Health and Industry. We acknowledge those whose individual contributions have been irreplaceable.